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Christians believe that human life is God’s gift, which is woven into His design for creation. However, in our nation today there are increasing assaults against God’s gift and design.  We are called as Christians to speak God’s truth in this world and to act on behalf of the helpless, just as God in Christ has loved us. In order to help address this fact, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod has asked each district to identify a pastor to serve as District Life Coordinator. 


The District Life Coordinator (DLC) is the point of contact between congregations, church workers and lay people of the district, and the resources of the LCMS and affiliated ministries such as Lutherans for Life.  The DLC serves as the means to help address questions about life issues that arise in the district.  He passes on information from the synod to district congregations and church workers, while also assisting in the sharing of information within the district.  A particular focus of the DLC is to follow state current events concerning life issues and to make these known to the district.


My name is Mark Surburg, and I am pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Marion.  I am District Life Coordinator in the Southern Illinois District.  If you have questions that you need help answering, please contact me (  I may not know the answer to every question, but I am in contact with people who do.  I would also like to hear from district congregations and pastors about their efforts on behalf of life so that I can have a better sense of what is going on in our district, and so that I can let others in the district know about new ideas. 

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