Kristi Hofferber has a message when she speaks to conferences and organizations across the United States. The message is that every life is valuable, despite how it was conceived.

And she is living proof.

When she was 30 years old, Hofferber, who knew she had been adopted as a newborn, learned that she was conceived through rape and incest. She learned that her biological father was her birth mother’s own father and he had abused her mother for 20 years. She learned that she had five biological siblings. And she learned that four of them had been aborted and one was miscarried. 

Hofferber was the second of those six children. Her mother had miscarried the first baby. She hid her pregnancy with her second child as long as she could. When she realized the baby would not be her way out of her abusive situation, she agreed to place the baby girl up for adoption. She was forced by her father to abort the other four babies. 

When Hofferber speaks about the value of the life of the unborn, she wa...

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