Need help for senior ministry?

This is the second article about resources that are provided for seniors through Adult Lutherans Organized for Action (ALOA).

ALOA is an inter-Lutheran ministry by, with and for older adults. ALOA’s mission is to equip people in the second half of life as disciples of Jesus Christ for their service to family, church, community and world.

Be sure to check out ALOA’s video resources at Go to the “Resources” tab at the top of the home page and then click on “Videos” from the drop-down menu. You’ll find dozens of very practical videos that fall into three categories (see below):

1. The Basics of Aging

2. Ideas for Your Senior Ministry

3. The Personal Side of Aging

All the videos are short (most are five minutes or fewer), and can be used in many settings like study groups, planning groups and for personal use as well. Each video invites a follow-up conversation at the end, which is particularly useful for congregational study settings.

If you see a blue Bible icon by the video description, that means there is an accompanying Bible study that can be downloaded and reproduced as needed.

The district Older Adult Advisory Committee suggests that congregation leaders intentionally embrace, enhance and enlarge an older adult ministry.

Video gallery titles

The Basics of Aging

▶ The new normal of post-adulthood

▶ Mealtime matters

▶ A flip flop benefits old and young

▶ Emotional intelligence is a sign of maturity

▶ True or False: Implications for congregations based on some facts about older adults. (Bible study)

▶ Use it or lose it: stretch your brain (Bible study)

▶ The senior population is growing: Wake up, church!

▶ Learn about the power years and what it means for adults age 60 and above. (Bible study)

Ideas for Your Senior Ministry

▶ Reflect recent shifts in societal eating habits during senior adult gathering

▶ Intergenerational ministry has many faces

▶ Strategies to increase participation in senior adult ministry

▶ Golden agers? Or senior ministry? Speak the language of older adults. (Bible study)

▶ Tired programming? Insert new life into your senior adult ministry

▶ Life stages impact the ways in which we share values

▶ Ways congregations can help older adults find information on help and services

The Personal Side of Aging

▶ Old bodies can make a difference (Bible study)

▶ Overtime: still working hard

▶ 5 steps to a healthier you (Bible study)

▶ Service: “Giving back” shifts as we age (Bible study)

▶ Smile, you’re getting older (Bible study)

▶ Tell me a story: Ways to encourage older adults to share their faith (Bible study)

▶ Coping with small changes: 5 tips on how to cope (Bible study)

▶ Communicating values through grandparenting