New ‘Chapel Talks’ NOW AVAILABLE

Resource has devotion for each week of the 2020–21 school year

LCMS School Ministry has released this year’s “Chapel Talks for Lutheran Schools,” an annual resource provided for Lutheran schools to use as an outline for weekly school chapel. Under the theme “Sent to Serve,” the 2020–21 “Chapel Talks” contains 43 devotions — one for each week of the school year — plus services for the beginning and ending of the school year and for Christmas.

Each week’s devotion uses a Scripture reading corresponding to the three-year lectionary to explore the theme of service — both Christ’s service to the world and Christians’ service to others.

Each devotion has three parts, presented as a “menu” of appetizer, main course and dessert. The “appetizer” presents an illustration or object lesson to introduce the week’s devotion. The “main course” explores the Scripture reading of the week, with an emphasis on Law and Gospel. After the “main course” comes a prayer and a “dessert” consisting of additional resources such as catechism readings or school activities.

Lutheran school workers are encouraged to provide “side dishes” to go along with the devotions. The devotions may also be adapted for different age groups and local contexts. Hymn selections from both Lutheran Service Book and All God’s People Sing are provided for each week.

Available for free download at chapel-talks .