Bless your neighbors

On Saturday, Sept. 25, Zion, Mascoutah, will host a workshop called “Serving our Communities: Congregational Engagement for Community Renewal.”

The workshop will gather pastoral and lay representatives from across the Southern Illinois District to see how various congregations engage in faithful, creative and dynamic projects. Local engagement strengthens and rebuilds our society through means such as education, the arts and community revitalization. As we hear from district leaders who are involved in significant community projects, we can also see how we can be more active for the good of our own communities.

Presenters will describe projects that have led their congregation into the community and will address three central questions:

▶ How does this project share the Gospel and/or love your neighbors?

▶ How is this project a blessing to the community?

▶ How is this project a blessing to the congregation?

After hearing from presenters who have developed projects to rebuild their own communities, pastors and lay leaders from district congregations will consider what needs in their own communities are not being met. Congregational leaders can then dream and brainstorm ideas to bring God’s blessings to meet those needs. Presenters will also be available for questions and dialog with attendees who would like to implement similar programs.

Sign-in for the workshop will begin at 9:15 a.m. Sessions will start at 9:30 a.m. While the cost to attend the workshop is free, a small donation will be received to cover the cost of lunch. To register or for more information, contact Rev. Dr. Kirk Clayton, Zion pastor, at