Give thanks to the Lord

By Jeffrey Fick

Schools and General Executive

One may ask, “What is the proper way to thank God? Psalm 100 clearly answers that we are to thank God loudly, joyfully and thankfully. We all have reasons to shout to the Lord for it is He who made us, the sheep of His pasture. The amazing thing about God is that He continues to intimately care about and care for His creation the way a good shepherd cares for his sheep. Our Shepherd has healed us of our sins and has given us eternal life. For this reason, we are to make a joyful noise and serve the Lord with gladness.

Why is God deserving of our joyful thanks? Because the God that we worship is indeed good. He gives us everything we need for this body and life, and yet He forgives us for not properly thanking Him for these blessings and often turning our back on Him.

Why does God put up with such ungrateful people like us? We really don’t know, but we can be glad that He does. This leads us to another reason for giving God thanks. His steadfast love for us never ends. God’s love endures forever. It means that God’s love is there even when we’re suffering from sickness or loneliness. His love is there when we turn our backs on Him. His love remains even when we’re suffering the consequences of our sins.

His faithfulness to us is the same and will never change. God’s faithfulness to all generations covers all of our sins, even sins of ingratitude. Serve the Lord with gladness, come into His presence with singing, giving Him thanks continually now and always.