LWML makes call for mission grant requests

The Southern Illinois District of the LWML is accepting applications for mission grants to be funded during the 2022-24 biennium. All applications for mission grant requests will include a cover sheet and separate attachments with the following information:

▶ Brief description of the project

▶ Identification of the need

▶ The mission focus of the project

▶ How the money will be used

▶ Is it current and ready for implementation?

▶ The organization or those responsible for the project

▶ Two to six pictures (in .jpg format)

Application forms for mission grant requests are available at sidlwml.org. The forms can also be requested by emailing Debra Albers at Albers1988@hotmail.com, or sending postal mail to Debra Albers; LWML SID VP of Gospel Outreach; 22206 East Road; Carlyle, IL 62231

To be considered, the completed application must be returned by Feb. 1, 2022.