Teacher loses locks for books

The students at Trinity–St. John Lutheran School (T-SJ), Nashville, had a unique challenge: Raise $2,000 in chapel offerings and teacher Dawn Mueller would have her hair buzzed. The offerings would support Lutheran Heritage Foundation’s (LHF) mission project to provide Bible storybooks and catechisms for kids in Indonesia. Each book cost $5, but would be given to students for free.

Although 85 percent of Indonesians follow the Muslim faith, even public schools support the teaching of Christianity. Many teachers are requesting books, which will also be used in Sunday schools.

Dawn says, “Several years ago, I had the opportunity to edit A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories to be translated into many languages by Lutheran Heritage Foundation. It is exciting to see it now in dozens of languages, used throughout the world. My son, Jacob, drew maps in the back to reinforce the fact that these are real events that took place in history, not merely stories.”

LHF provides valuable resources such as crafts, games, recipes, folk stories, cultural videos and posters to teach American kids about their brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries. The students at T-SJ were very eager to color in squares on their classroom chart to see the progress in collecting the money. In just two months, enough money was raised to buy 400 books — and to see Dawn get her hair cut.

To encourage additional offerings, Dawn promised an ice cream party if $2,500 was raised.

“Ice cream is sweet, and what can be sweeter than celebrating sharing Jesus’ love?,” she says. “The party reminds us of the heavenly banquet for all believers.”

In total, $3,003 was given, enough for 600 Bible storybooks and catechisms.

“I told the students, every time I look in the mirror, I will remember the love they have shown to bring Jesus to the kids in Indonesia,” Dawn says.

To find out more about Lutheran Heritage Foundation, visit lhfmissions.org.