Worship at SIUC

Even during a pandemic, Our Savior Lutheran Church and Lutheran Student Center in Carbondale has college students attending worship and participating in events held for the campus community. Three of the students recently introduced a new hymn to the congregation. Additional students play a variety of instruments during worship, including flute, clarinet, trumpet and drums. They also sing in the choir along with congregational members.

Table Talk consists of Bible study, fellowship and a home-cooked meal that is prepared and served by members of the congregation for the students each Sunday. The ministry is thankful for the students who actively participate in the ministries here, and enhance the worship of our Lord!

Since students at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale are nearly all residential, Our Savior Lutheran is their church away from home. Students appreciate the liturgical worship and the uplifting music, along with the cultural and ethnic diversity of the worshiping community. Two of the American students live in the apartment at the church and serve as custodians in return for a free place to live.